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Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Foot Corns

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Foot Corns

When there is an accumulation of thickened skin on foot, it is termed as foot corns. Some people become so worried to see that and go to the surgeons for the quick surgery.  This is so frustrating for that people. So those people are informed that foot corns can be settled by using some natural home remedies but in this case, they will require patience because home remedies work slowly but the advantage is that they will give you immediate response as you will apply.
how to get rid of foot corns
  • First thing you should do is wash your feet in hot water for several times a day. Dissolve three tbsp. of baking soda in hot water. The hard skin of your feet will be soften and gradually removed. You need only 15 minutes to do this remedy.
  • Another ingredient for treating foot corn is vinegar. Take a cotton ball and soak it in vinegar then directly apply on foot corn. Do it before going to bed and wash it in the next morning.
  • Lemon also works greatly on foot corns. Apply directly a thick slice of lemon on foot corn before going to bed then tie using a clean cloth over it. Repeat this method for certain nights in a row until the foot corn fall off while washing your feet.
  • Take one garlic clove and mash it. Apply this paste on the foot corn at night until it disappears completely.
  • Turpentine oil has strong antiseptic properties, so it help to treat corn. First massage your affected area from ice wrapped into thin cloth, then pat dry your skin and rub some turpentine oil on the corn and put a bandage over it and leave it for all night. Do this method just before sleep, and follow the process daily until the corn comes out.
  • Raw papaya also beneficial for removing foot corns, you just take small piece of raw papaya and grate it and extract its juice. Dip cotton ball into the juice and put it on the corn and protect it with tape. Leave it for all night and next morning rub pumice stone on feet corn to exfoliate the skin. Do this remedy daily until you get desired result.
  • Another remedy is turmeric because it contain anti-inflammatory properties than can reduce pain and speed up healing. Take one tsp of turmeric powder and little amount of honey, mix them and apply this paste on your affected area. Wait for dry it complete then wash your feet. Follow this remedy two or three times a day for at least 10 days or until the corn comes out.

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You can find celandine everywhere, even under the snow too. It produces a yellow colored liquid which is very effective in treating the foot corns. Apply this liquid several times per week, approximately two weeks.

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