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Get Rid of Pinworms with Natural Treatments

Get Rid of Pinworms with Natural Treatments

It is a common thing related to children and adults to have intestinal parasites at some extent. They are microscopic and reach to the digestive system at the time of swallowing or inhaling the spoiled food items like dirty meat, incompletely cooked foods unwashed vegetables, polluted water or contact with animals. There are many natural treatments effective to prevent the intestinal parasites.
how to get rid of pinworms naturally
Garlic: The ingredients present in the kitchen are quite enough to treat this problem. You will need to give your children a clove of garlic regularly. This will act against the pinworms. You can make a recipe from garlic such as take a cup filled with 250ml of milk and add 6-8 chopped cloves. Boil the milk properly. Now drink early in the morning with an empty stomach. Take breakfast after 20 minutes. Do this treatment for at least two weeks.

Pumpkin Seeds: Minimum 15 pumpkin seeds should be consumed by a child on the regular basis. But for an adult, the amount should be increased up to 80gms. Well chewed the seeds and swallow half tsp of castor oil within an hour.

Marigold: Marigold flowers can be easily available from the herbal stores. You will need to take a spoonful of marigold flowers in a cup of boiling water and let them boil for a minute. Strain the solution and consume a cup of tea. Follow the remedy regularly.

Thyme - Effective for Giardia: Thyme is a herb and famous for its antibacterial and carminative properties. Consuming thyme will help in creating a disturbed environment for the parasites. You can prepare a tea with thyme. Also, you can use essential thyme oil through which their reproduction would stopover.

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